Spring registration began on October 30, 2023 – Mathematics, Physics, & Astronomy majors may have an advising hold. Students should plan to meet with their Academic Advisor or complete the on-line Advising Worksheet. (Make an appointment via Bookings.) Astronomy majors must meet with an Astronomy Faculty Advisor before their hold is cleared. Physics majors can meet with a Physics Faculty Advisor on the days and times found here. Math majors can make an appointment to see a Math Faculty Advisor by sending an email to  Please see the Math Major Newsletter for registration tips, highlighted spring 24 courses, IBL/Flag information, and more!

Registration Tips

These tips may help ease your registration concerns.  You are encouraged to meet with your Academic Advisor as often as you need or want to, and as early as possible in the semester before you intend to graduate. Schedule an appointment on-line via Bookings.  The MPA Advising Center is open year-round.

  • The on-line course schedules come out in October for Spring registration, and in March for Fall and Summer registration. However, you do not have to wait until these are available in order to be advised. Your advisor will have a tentative list of the MPA courses that will be offered.
  • If you are unable to get an advising appointment prior to your registration time, register as best as you can by following the progression plan on the back of your degree checklist and based on your degree audit. You can verify your course selection during your next advising appointment.  Remember that you can make any necessary schedule changes during adds and drops.
  • If you have an advising hold, seek academic advising as soon as possible. Your advisor will not lift your advising hold until you have been advised.  If you submit an advising worksheet, be sure to let your advisor know!
  • The closer it is to registration, the fewer advising appointments are available. You can email your advisor with a "quick" question, but during busy times, you may not get a "quick" response!  Your advisor will respond to your email as soon as possible, but will give priority to students with advising appointments.
  • If you have completed all your entry level courses, and intend to declare Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy as your major, set up an appointment with an MPA advisor prior to October in the fall and March in the spring.  Students seeking to Internally Transfer to MPA will not be be seen by MPA advisors.
  • Advisors can not add you to closed courses, but you can add yourself to the electronic waitlist.   Although being on a waitlist is not a guarantee that you'll be added to a class, it the only way to be added to closed courses.  You can be added from the waitlist up through the 4th class day.  Be sure to attend the class you want to add.  On the 5th class day, MPA advisors can work with you on adding you to a math class that has seats available and the instructor allows late-adds.  Let your MPA advisor know if you "have to have" a particular course, especially if you are a graduating senior!
  • Your registration is complete once payment has been received. In order to avoid being "zapped" (losing your schedule and having to register all over again), be sure your bill is paid by the deadline.  Even if your tuition bill is Zero, you have to confirm your schedule.  Please contact the CNS Student Services Desk if you need assistance with late registration.

Online Processes

  • Taking over maximum hours:
  • Spring 2024 UT Mathematics Honors Class Application Form:
  • Mathematics Conference Course and Honors Tutorial Course enrollment requests:
  • M 371E enrollment requests:
  • Graduate Courses:
    • The Math Department has an online process to request enrollment in a graduate math course. The online process may be found here.  Please submit only one form per course.
    • If you would like to take a graduate course in a department other than Math, please follow the directions located here.
  • Undergraduate Independent Study or Research in Physics enrollment requests.
  • AST 175C, 275C, 375C 379H
    • Students register themselves for the course during registration.
    • Email the AST Program Coordinator, with the name of the research advisor and course number for assistance to remain enrolled in the course.
  • Pass/Fail, Q-Drops, OTE's & withdraw:
    • The deadline for a standard pass/fail was October 23, 2023 at 11:59pm.  
    • The deadline for a Q-drop request was October 23, 2023 at 11:59pm. 
    • The deadline to withdraw was October 23, 2023 at 11:59pm.
    • The deadline for an OTE request is the last class day at 11:59pm.

Late Add Procedures for Math Classes

  • Students who want to get into a math course should get on one or two waitlists. Waitlists are active through the 4th class day.

    (If a student is graduating this semester and must have a specific math course, they can contact their Academic Advisor. In some cases, we may still wait through the end of the 4th class day to see if the student gets added from the waitlist. If they do not, we will work with them to make sure they have what they need to graduate.)

    On the 5th and 6th class days, students who want to add a course can do the following:
    Send an email to to set up a Zoom meeting with an Academic Advisor. The Advisor will check 3 things:
    1) Is a seat available?
    2) Does the student have the required prerequisite?
    3) Has the student had the course 2 or more times and, if so, has the Academic Advisor approved a repeat appeal?

    If these things check out, the Advisor will add the student to the course. Students should then check in with their professor to discuss what they have missed, what is expected of them, and how they can catch up.

    From the 7th and 8th class days, students can only be added to courses for which professors allow adds at that point. Some professors may require that they give their consent before they can be added. If so, we will follow the procedures in the paragraph above and then, if appropriate, ask the student to email the professor to get consent. Once we receive an email forwarded from the student or sent by the professor, we will check to make sure the seat is still available. If it is, the student will be added.

    From the 9th - 12th class days, there will be no late adds allowed.

  • Spring 24 instructor late-add policies are TBD.
    • No Lates = no late adds permitted
    • Late W/PERM = Will allow late adds with permission
    • Late W/O PERM = Will allow late adds without permission


Late Add Procedures for Physics and Physical Science Classes

[PLEASE NOTE: All PHY 102M/N, 103M/N, and 117M/N Labs have been replaced by a single series: PHY 105M/N. To streamline course availability, students will be able to take PHY 105M/N to pair with one of the following lower-division physics sequences - PHY 302K/L, PHY 317K/L, or PHY 303K/L - in order to fulfill degree or pre-health requirements.]

  • Late adds for Physics and Physical Science classes during the 5th – 12th class days will be done by email.  Send inquiries and requests to 
    • The last day to add a particular Physics or Physical Science course will vary from course to course as determined by the professor teaching that course.
    • Please do not contact the instructor directly.


Late Add Procedures for Astronomy Classes

  • Late Add procedures for Astronomy classes during the 5th -12th class days are as follows:

Please note:  Late adds will not be allowed for AST 376R.