Waitlist 101


Waitlist 101: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a waitlist? Some classes have a waitlist that allow students to “line up” to get into full classes.  If a spot opens up in a waitlisted class, students are added from the waitlist in chronological order as long as there are no problems.
  2. Why don’t all classes have a waitlist?  The department offering a course determines if it gets a waitlist.
  3. Does a waitlist guarantee me a seat?  No.  Joining a waitlist doesn't guarantee that you'll be added to the class; it is a way for you to wait in line for an open seat. If a seat does not become available, you are not added from the list. How long you wait is up to you. You have to decide when you need to drop yourself from the list and find another class.
  4. How many waitlists can I be on? You can be on up to two waitlists per course, and can be on four lists at any one time.
  5. I don’t see the waitlist option. Why? You have to be registered for at least one class before you can add yourself to a waitlist.
  6. If I’m on the waitlist for a class with a preferred time/professor, should I still register for another section of the course? Yes. It is advisable to be sure you have the class you need on your schedule, even if not at the best time. Consider the consequences of not getting the waitlist course. Do you need to be full-time? Are you trying to graduate on time?
  7. What is a swap class?  This is a class on your schedule that you want to drop if you get in to a waitlisted class.  As an example, you might want M 408N but it is full so you add M 316 instead, and list it as the swap class. If a seat opens in M 408N and you are added, the system drops you from 316.  If you drop 316 but don’t update your waitlist, you will not be added to 408N even if a seat opens up.  See My Waitlists page in UT Direct.
  8. If I decide that I no longer want a class I waitlisted, do I have to take myself off of it? Yes, yes, yes!
  9. How do I remove myself from a waitlist? There is an option to “Take me off list” on your See My Waitlists page.
  10. What do I do if the system won’t let me add myself to a waitlist because the class is restricted? Some classes are restricted to certain majors/degree programs.  If you have a question about the restriction, please click on the 5-digit unique number on the online course schedule to read about the restriction.  If you do not understand, you may contact the department offering the course.
  11. I’m a graduating senior and I’m waitlisted for the last class I need to graduate. What do I do? First -Talk to your academic advisor. Make sure he or she is aware of your situation and see what options you have. Second - Be sure to attend the class you have waitlisted if you really want it. You may have to be manually added after the 4th class day if a seat becomes available and the instructor allows late-adds.  Only an advisor can help with this.
  12. Every single class I wanted to take this semester is waitlisted. What do I do?  Talk to your advisor. You probably have other options but may not know what they are.
  13. Do upperclassmen automatically get priority on waitlists?  No. The waitlist system will add students based on their position in the list, not their classification. However, advisors will help students who are graduating in the next semester as best they can.
  14. Will I be notified before I’m added to a class from a waitlist? Notices from a section's department are sent to your current e-mail address on file with the University. Keep this address current, and check it often. Notices from the Waitlisting system itself are posted to your See My Waitlists page in UT Direct. Check it often, too. Notices are sent when classes are cancelled, when you've been blocked from the class for various reasons, or when you've been added to the class. Check your e-mail and your See My Waitlists page regularly.
  15. Should I keep my schedule open during the time of the waitlisted class? Yes! The waitlist system can’t add you to a class if there is a time conflict unless you have the class as a swap option.
  16. I know there are spots open in a class. Why am I not being added off the waitlist? Some common errors include: - Time conflict: You may be registered for a class during the same time as the waitlisted class. - Maximum hours: If adding the waitlisted class will put you over 17 credit hours, the system will not be able to add you. - Swap class: If you are no longer registered for the class that you chose as your swap class, the system will not be able to add you. Change your swap class or choose “None.”
  17. When are waitlists available? If they've been turned on by the department, lists are active from the start of registration through the fourth class day. If you are trying to get into a math course and you have not been added by the end of the 4th class day, please email us to arrange a zoom appointment to speak to advisor to see if a seat is available.  If there is and you have the prerequisite(s), you can be added to the class on the 5th or 6th class day.  From the 7th to 8th class day, students are added to courses based on the late-add policy of professors.  You must have the prerequisites, and a seat must be available after you've returned a signed late-add form.  From the 9th - 12th class days, there will be no late adds allowed except for extenuating circumstances
  18. If I’m not sure I want a class, should I still join its waitlist? No. By adding yourself to a waitlist, you indicate you want to add the class. If a seat opens up and you qualify for it, you may be added manually. If you change your mind, please drop yourself from the waitlist.
  19. Can I be added to a class that has a waitlist or promoted up the waitlist in front of others?  No. We cannot add or promote students to classes that are full and/or have an active waiting list.
  20. Can you predict my chances of getting off a waitlist and getting added to a class? No.  There is no way to predict waitlist behavior.  Please join a waitlist and be patient.  Please refer to item #17.